Marriage is an essential part of every individual’s life, and we all want our wedding day to be perfect. A perfect wedding day includes a pretty outfit, classic decor, and an utterly gorgeous cake. The quest for wedding cake Singapore is easy when you know what you need in your wedding cake. Understanding the little tidbits and details of the cake shopping can help you find wedding cakes Singapore and make your day exquisite.

Let’s tell you a few tips that can be worthwhile when finding wedding cakes in Singapore.

  • Cake and decor go hand-in-hand.

While selecting a cake for your wedding, it is important to know what kind of cake you want. Just like you take care of the harmony of decor, dress, weather, and everything else, making sure that the cake matches all of it are important too. The right would complement all the other elements of the wedding more than anything else.

  • The size matters

Yes, it does! Not that the cake of the size should be kept in mind, but it must be considered to avoid wastage. We all love tiered cakes, and no doubt, they look lovely. Yet, the size of your cake should not be based only on the looks, but on the number of guests on the guest list. Usually, the bakers let you know how much cake would be sufficient for your guests. Moreover, you can also research yourself to find how what size of a cake would suit you the best.

  • Locking the frosting

Looks and taste, both majorly depend on the frosting. But, another factor that influences the choice of topping is the weather. If you are having a wedding in summers, the right choice of frosting for wedding cakes Singapore would not be cream, buttercream or meringue, instead fondant. Fondant does not melt as soon as cream or buttercream, which makes a favorable choice in summers. However, if you love buttercream, you can ask the baker to frost the cake with buttercream and then cover it with fondant. The color of the frosting going along the theme of the wedding is an add-on!

  • Go unique

Two choices while selecting a flavor for your cake are either going for any of the mainstream flavors or trying a different flavor that is liked by people. For example, you might want to have a flavored blueberry cake but mindful about it being a not-so-common flavor. Would you not get that cake? Why not! You can try a unique flavored cake that makes the guests lick their fingers.

  • Order beforehand

Some cakes take months to be designed and assembled before being delivered to the venue, especially if you are looking forward to a fancy cake. Getting the right wedding cakes, Singapore can be even simpler if you start planning it when you start making other decisions about the wedding. Consult your baker and ask them how much time would be required to prepare the cake. Order the cake accordingly.

  • Consider the pricing

All of us want the best, but not something that costs a hefty amount. While placing an order for your cake, a few changes can help reduce the overall cost of your cake. This might include modifying the flavor or the frosting or opting for another design. However, it is not necessary to cut down your wishes for adjusting to your budget. You can try and find vendors that create wedding cakes Singapore at a reasonable price.

  • The pursuit for the right baker

Finding a good bake is one of the most critical factors in the search for wedding cakes Singapore. While you decide the flavor and design of the cake, it is crucial to find a baker who can come up to your expectations and create a cake per your liking. Researching about exceptional bakers around you is among the most careful jobs while searching for a wedding cake. Taking opinion from your friends and relatives who recently got married is also an excellent idea. First-hand reviews are always a great help in making decisions.

Singapore has several amazing bakers and patisseries that offer exquisite cakes along with customization of your choice.