In today’s world, the influence of the internet culture is so massive and widespread that we have integrated it as a part and parcel of our daily lives.

So, what are we learning from these memes that have evolved to become an integral part of our lives?

Gives an insight into the mindset of the people

Humor is the origin of memes. But that doesn’t mean that their sole intention is to evoke laughter or simply put forth a joke. When observed closely they can provide us an insight into the mindset of their targeted audience. For example, a meme on a middle-aged man’s social media page will vary widely from a meme shared by a teenager on the same social media page. For the younger generation memes have become a strategy to cope up with serious issues in not so grave manner. Memes are made by this generation of people as a way to let people of the same age group know that they are not alone in dealing with certain issues of life.

Communication differences

Memes are created by many people of various age groups. If we closely look at them they will reveal a difference in modes of communication for sure. It will surely reflect a generational divide. Studying them also reveals the way the written form of language has evolved to adapt to the new texting culture for making communication better. As days progress images no longer remain the vital requisite in creating a meme. The same applies to the use of language. It no longer remains a tool for vocal communication only. To have a glimpse of such memes, pay a visit to Meme Scout.

Younger generations are well versed with textual conversations

Due to the extensive use of the digital world, and the younger generation having access to it from quite an early age, what has been noted is that these people are well versed with textual conversation. But they struggle to start a face-to-face conversation in the real world. But it’s the opposite with middle-aged and elderly people. They are more comfortable with talking to people who would be physically present in front of them. Even at times when they have to resort to using the virtual world for communication. You would most likely find them texting using perfect grammar and spelling. The younger generation is seldom found to follow such rules while texting. And when these two different generations happen to interact, a huge difference in understanding of language (textual, verbal, as well as in body language) is observed.


Memes can teach us many things if we are willing to learn. But to understand them one must also keep in mind that they vary by generation. Cultural shifts can be noticed by comparing present-day memes with that of a few years ago. It shouldn’t be looked at as only the comic part of internet humor. It also acts as a mirror that reflects societal as well as cultural issues and their impact on this changing world.