When you are relocating, the last thing you will want to be concerned about is driving hundreds or even thousands of miles to your new home. In order to avoid this tension. You have two options: either send the car to the location where you are moving or sell the vehicle.

It’s simple to schedule the pickup and delivery of your vehicle if you wish to ship it by going online or phoning the auto shipping business of your choosing. It is possible that certain firms will even allow you to send some of your personal belongings. In your automobile, provided that they do not collectively weigh more than 75 pounds and are kept below the window line.

Then, once you’ve decided to ship your automobile and booked your shipping, you just have a few more tasks to do. Before you can begin concentrating on the remainder of your moving process.

It is not necessary to do anything special to prepare for your shipment other than making sure that your vehicle’s exterior is clean. That your driver’s license is current and unexpired. And that you will be available to give away and receive your vehicle during the specified pickup and drop-off dates.

Selling A Car Prior To Relocating

If you don’t want to drive across the nation during your move, there is another option: selling your car. When compared to transporting your car, selling your car will require significantly more effort on your part. It is also significantly more expensive if you intend to purchase a vehicle following your relocation.

If you’ve had your car for a number of years, the value of that car has likely decreased significantly in value. Consequently, selling it will only yield a portion of the money you bought for it initially. At the end of the day, you may expect to lose at least half of the money. You spent on the automobile (assuming you did not buy the car in the past year).

Moving Your Automobile During A Move? Here’s Some Advice

A few things you should be aware of before getting started with the car shipment process:

  1. Book your shipment as soon as possible. Scheduling your cargo as soon as possible enhances the likelihood that you will be able to obtain the pickup and drop-off windows that you choose. This enhances the probability of making a few dollars in savings as well. Because the closer you book the auto shipping date to the actual shipment date, the more expensive car shipping becomes.
  2. Make sure to wash your automobile since when your car transport driver arrives. He or she will do a thorough check to look for any existing damage. If the vehicle is unclean, this check will take significantly longer.
  3. Consult with a car shipping company about the pickup and drop-off sites – Local streets may be too narrow for car carriers to drive on, or local rules may prohibit them from going down a particular street under certain circumstances. As a result, before deciding on the exact pickup and drop-off locations for your shipment. Make sure to discuss it with your representative and even your specific driver.
  4. Remove all of your personal belongings. If your personal belongings are lost or destroyed when shipping a car. They will not be covered by the car shipping insurance. It is far preferable to remove these items from your vehicle before it is picked up for travel. Sunglasses, jewelry, CDs, and other similar items fall within this category.
  5. Try to schedule the shipping as soon as possible after receiving your quote. As previously said, the price of the cargo will rise the longer you wait. If you believe your quote is realistic, you should proceed to book your flight as soon as possible.


The bottom line is that exporting your car while you are moving is far more efficient. And cost-effective than selling your car and purchasing a new one once you have arrived at your destination.

When you decide to ship your car, you should take various actions to prepare for the shipping, including cleaning the vehicle. Determining the specific pickup and drop-off locations.

And removing all of your personal belongings from the vehicle. If you are interested in learning more essential information about vehicle transport, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.