Different types of wheels on children’s electric cars

This blog post will present the differences, advantages and disadvantages of all types of wheels currently installed in electric cars for children.

Types of electric car wheels for kids:

On plastic wheels, the wheels make several grooves from the mold to gain traction, without driving, which we call, it will be the worst quality and can be a cheap car and usually equipped with 6V.
Plastic wheels with pneumatic driving
Also called rubber wheels, EVA wheels or foam wheels in English. Sometimes called tubeless pneumatic wheels.
Pneumatic wheels with air chamber.
LED-lit wheels.
Like plastic wheels that don’t move

Princess Car 6V These types of wheeled cars have wheels for children, they cannot withstand a weight of more than 20 kg, and for greater grip they are made of plastic material of different sizes, but these are lightweight.This, are usually hollow.

They are equipped with 6V motors and are not recommended except for rare and intermittent use. The common problem is that depending on the level they go on, even if it’s sliding on gravel surfaces or grass, holes can form all over the wheel in no time.

In our 6V baby car section you will find several models made by Feder or Injusa with such wheels, as we showed made for babies up to 1 year old (the weight of a small child) and babies with smooth bottoms is. None of the imported cars from the NewBabyWish store have such wheels.

Plastic wheels with pneumatic driving

Jeep Wrangler Negro 12V A year ago, most electric cars for kids were equipped with such wheels because they were inexpensive, could carry up to 40kg of weight and were actually designed to extract all the traction. The head band is pneumatic.

They are more compact than ever before, and have the advantage that they can be replaced or replaced when finished.

On the other hand, it’s not very practical, as so is the rest of the wheel at the end of the deal, so in most cases it may be better to replace the entire wheel.

These wheels are fully functional, and for an end user who does not use the car most of the day, they are not for recreational or leisure companies, like you might see in the mall – they are from rubber or pneumatic B. move faster.

On the other hand, in his opinion, the car is lighter than rubber or pneumatic wheels due to its lower weight and can produce slightly more speed than rubber or pneumatic wheels.

In addition to its durability we have more noise than rubber or pneumatic wheels. Aesthetically, they also like it a little less.

Rubber wheels, foam wheels or EVA wheels

Electric cars are usually too expensive for such wheels, as the component is already expensive. These types of wheels are reminiscent of real wheels and give the car more realism, so they are now becoming a standard in assembling electric cars for kids.

Car packaging is usually the result of higher prices, as it gives a greater sense of quality.

This type of wheel does not have an air chamber so you don’t have to worry about punctures. Being well supported they are also very quiet. and great durability. Also good for entertainment companies.

If you look at the picture of the baby car wheels, you can see that there is no business between them, and then you can be sure that they are rubber wheels, because it is impossible to put them on 12V cars. A total plastic whale that can cause some confusion in some pictures. It can be used when fitted to the handle on rubber wheels.

Of course there are different form wheels, depending on their length, like the Ford Ranger

and with pneumatic wheels. We have an example of this in the Lotus Style 12V model.

Wheels with leds

Mercedes SLS Rojo 12VThe Wheels of children’s electric cars with leds, have been a great attraction for many customers since last year areas, where you can see the extent of its detail. This new functionality has people for it as well as its detractors.

The latter affirm that it does not add anything new to the car, that it actually distances it from reality (real cars do not have lights), also that the car looks like a fair, and that they also pose a problem because over time the lights can be melted. (Remember that deterioration of the lights due to wear and tear is not covered under warranty).

Those who are in favor consider that it is one more option, because in many cases the lights can be deactivated, either manually or by consulting the technical service, which is not a fair either if they are only the lights of the wheels and that result more beautiful and elegant.

It is a matter of taste. You are the ones who decide, in many models as a manufacturer/importer we have been able to decide whether we wanted to include that option in the models or not, and it has been a really difficult decision for us, sometimes we have included them , for reasons of what our competitors or because of the reliability of the factory, and in other cases we have considered that the car already had very good options and this seemed unnecessary considering the arguments of the detractors.

At www.newbabywish.com, all Mercedes SLS models incorporate the latest technology, and include wheels with LEDs.