AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a fast-growing disruptive technology that has till now affected almost every single industry one can think of. The said technology deals in developing machines, having similar intelligence like us, humans. AI has been growing rapidly in the last five years, thus presenting a plethora of career opportunities for young minds across the globe, especially in the U.S. America has by far, topped among the other six continents when it comes to the development of AI and the research associated with it.

A Few Interesting Stats That Establishes the Global Dominance of AI  

  • The strength of AI-backed voice assistants is expected to reach a whopping 8 billion by 2023.
  • The Global AI market is forecasted to reach $60 billion by 2025.
  • Leveraging AI, the global GDP growth will increase by $15.7 trillion by the year 2030.
  • AI-based startup firms grew by 14 times in the last two decades.
  • Since 2000, AI-startup investments have grown by 6 times.
  • 77% of the current IT gadgets have got some form of AI involved in their work.

Why, as a Young U.S.Undergrad, You Need to Get Trained in AI  

AI Jobs are Considered the Hottest Across the U.S.

When we talk about choosing a specific career path, numerous factors come into play that ranges from personal strengths to academic strengths. Job security is also a vital aspect of deciding on what career path to follow and walk onto. Becoming an AI engineer offers both, scope and job security. AI research and development initiatives, at present, are focused on realizing futuristic tasks such as bettering speech recognition technology, machine-backed problem-solving, and enhancing the applicability of machine learning across diverse industries. 

LinkedIn declared ‘ AI Specialists’ as the top emerging job in 2020. It further said – “There have emerged many job roles as a result of the expanse of AI across multiple industries worldwide. For instance, data science and cybersecurity are the two new domains, wherein the application of AI is extensive.

The US is Undoubted, The World-Leader in AI Research & Development 

However, AI technology has been able to engulf the entire globe under its umbrella a few years ago, some countries simply have been able to march way ahead of others, when it comes to its adoption, and the related research initiatives. The U.S. tops the list among them and had been the torchbearer in the segment, during the last decade.

U.S. is also home to the most reputed and successful AI firms at the moment. Silicon Valley, California, is considered the largest hub of the leading AI firms in the world. A large percentage of young technology graduates, armed with the best AI certifications available online, secure entry-level job opportunities in this region, every year. 

U.S. Offers the Maximum Employment Opportunities in the Field of AI

Despite being the global leader in AI research and development, the U.S. is suffering a huge AI skill gap, thereby making the AI firms in the country pay excessively handsome compensation packages to those, highly skilled in AI. The “State of AI in the Enterprise” survey conducted by Deloitte, says – “With the rapid surge in the number of firms leveraging AI in their products and operations, there will emerge a high demand for the right talent to facilitate and manage the AI-specific business processes and corporate initiatives.”

In fact, 68% of the US organizations that make use of AI in some form or the other in their product and service development, confirmed that there exists a talent gap ranging between moderate & extreme. 

Most Numbers of AI Degree Programs Are Run by the U.S. Schools & Universities

One reason behind the extensive dearth of AI engineers across the globe, especially in the U.S., is that it is an intensively challenging field of study. To bag an AI job, one needs an undergrad degree as a mandate, while most of the US-based AI firms prefer advanced degrees for job roles, up in the hierarchy that pays handsomely.