Bitcoin is in the news because it is the one rising above its all-time highs. Recently, Bitcoin has achieved a market capitalization of one trillion dollars which is simply amazing in the world of cryptocurrencies. Even the global crash of the last year failed to put much impact on these cryptos. Although many have fallen, Bitcoin still rose within a few months. As of now, it is trading at more than $50000 price level. Such a feat is achieved just within a decade when it was less than a dollar. We know that Bitcoin is rising for the last few years. However, we do not know why Bitcoin is rising. In this article, we will look at the reasons why it is going up. 

Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Rising

1. More Institutional Investments

Many institutions from different industries are now looking to adopt Bitcoin because they consider it to be a safe haven. When such organizations start adopting a particular asset, it is likely that the price will rise. There is no doubt about that. Many companies are still there that are accepting payments with Bitcoins, if not with the other virtual assets.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and it can appear to be a useful weapon to fight inflation. Bitcoin is also getting support from society and the economy. People can now transfer funds quickly and without paying huge fees.

Third-party systems, on the other hand, can take unreasonable charges for their services that may or may not fail with time. These payment companies have to maintain their servers and other resources from time to time. Thus, they steal more from your pocket.

Being someone with a very low income, you cannot afford to make big transactions with them. Bitcoin helps you out with all such transactions and that too within a matter of minutes. Now, this crypto is also entering the countries which were not liking it earlier.

If they give some acceptance to it within their boundaries, Bitcoin will observe a quick jump in prices.  

2. Acceptance From PayPal

PayPal is the single largest third-party payment platform in the world. It is now allowing crypto trading features all over the world. Selling and buying would be easy for people who already have this third-party app. At present, it is supporting only four cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. A majority of the focus will go to the largest cryptocurrency because it is the one being traded mostly by the people. There are 300 million customers to this platform.

They all need not go anywhere for crypto buying and selling because they will get it done in a single place. Earlier, this third-party major player was against the world of cryptocurrencies, but now things have changed. PayPal wants to take benefit from the crypto trading that is increasing among crypto traders worldwide.

Another reason why PayPal is accepting crypto trade is that many countries have started adopting it. For PayPal to make the most out of them, giving acceptance to the flow of cryptos is essential. In the future, other payment portals can take active participation in the crypto world.

Crypto news and YouTube channels like Crypto Crow YouTube are talking good about Bitcoin’s future. 

3. Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving has occurred last year that has brought scarcity in its numbers. As something becomes scarce in the market, its price increases drastically.

The halving that occurred in 2020 was the third one. This has also influenced crypto mining because now, the miners will have a reward reduced to 50 percent.

With every four years, the rewards get reduced to half. Those who are HODLing Bitcoin have an advantage because they are earning without doing anything else. This year, there is a supply of 21 million Bitcoins in the market.

Bitcoin holds a major stake in the total crypto market capitalization, therefore, it is also affecting other crypto prices. The other cryptos are taking some benefits from Bitcoin. Especially the ones forked from it are doing great in the market. In case you want to earn profits from Bitcoin in 2021, you can buy it for fractions. Compare crypto wallets specialized in Bitcoins and HODL it.

When the price will rise, you will observe a huge profit. Within a few years, it is all set to reach a million dollars. You can now assume how much profit you will be getting.  


Here are the top three reasons why Bitcoin is rising. If you have crypto like this one, no one can stop you from earning unimaginable profits. Many people are giving chance to other new cryptos getting launched in the market. They should look for them carefully because a lot can be dead or inactive. Some coins are Yocoin Classic, Monacoin, Jesus Coin, and many thousands more. Approach a crypto platform and monitor every crypto’s performance. Nowadays, many challenges are coming like sayings for whisper challenge and many others. You can learn about them after joining a crypto platform.