Today, I am going to tell you about some yoga asanas which can be very effective measures to control weight. With the help of these asanas, you can reduce stubborn fat deposited on your stomach quickly. Let’s know about Yoga to reduce Belly Fat-

Yoga for reducing Belly Fat: Due to the changing lifestyle, it has become very difficult to lose weight in today’s era. Planning to lose weight is very easy, but it is very difficult to lose weight without regular practice and hard work. It will only give you desirable results if you do it regularly.

Along with the right diet, exercise is also needed to lose weight. Yoga for reducing belly fat can be found. At the same time, it is also very effective for controlling weight.

Here, I will describe to you some asana that will help you to reduce belly fat effectively.

Dhanur Asanas

Start with lie on your stomach. Then keep your hands parallel to the floor. Move your head, legs, and shoulders in an upward direction. Remain in a position, make a tight grip on your feet. Hold this position for about 10 seconds. In this position, you will have a stretch in your arms, legs, shoulders, and abdominal muscles.

Bhujang Asana

This asana is named after the cobra snake. For this, you first lie down on your stomach and place your hands forward. Raise the upper part of your body up and push the shoulders back. This makes stretching in muscles of your stomach and chest. Stable for at least 10 seconds. 

Paschimotthan Asana

In this asana, the pressure on your stomach is directly affected by the abdominal fat. To do this asana, first, lie down. Then slowly lift the upper part of your body and sit down. Hands up and bending forward, touch the feet with your hands. Stay like this for 10 seconds. This will push your stomach inward. If your stomach has come out too much, then by doing this asana regularly you can see a lot of effects.

You can reduce your belly fat by repeating these asanas repeatedly. This yoga is beneficial for all men and women who have a widening waist along with their stomachs. If you are suffering from any illness or injury, then do yoga asana only after taking the opinion of a fitness expert.


Start this asana with a standing position, then bend your legs. Place the hands with the body. Make a balance on both feet of your body. Bend your upper body part while exhaling.

Keep knees perfectly straight. Keeping moving chest while exhaling breath. 

Initially stay in this position for 10 seconds and then come to normal position and rest for 5 seconds and do this posture at least 5-6 times.


This posture puts pressure on the part of your stomach. It makes the abdomen as well as legs and arms shapely. Begin with lying down on your stomach. Now place your arms next to the body. Then bend your knees and try to hold the ankles with your hands. Raise your head up while breathing. Along with this, pull your feet upwards. While arched, keep both legs together.

Hold for 6-8 seconds in this position. Then slowly come back to normal.


By Trikonasana, you can build muscles and make the belly fat go sore. To perform this asana, stand with both feet far apart. Bend the side of your right leg and place the hand on the ground.

Now straighten the other hand by raising it, so that both hands are in a straight line. After staying in this state for some time, come back to the earlier position.

If there is difficulty in placing the hand on the ground, then you can place the hand on top of the foot.

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