Looking for the best Android games? That’s easy to say because there are so many games available. Fortunately, this post shows some of the best games for 2022, so you can focus on enjoying them and not worry about cracking your brain trying to install the best game. come on!

Among Us

Familiar with the tabletop game Mafia or Werewolf? If so, you’ll be familiar with the gameplay between us. It didn’t get much attention when the title was released. But it gained traction when streamers started getting feedback while playing the game. Excited to see streamed games for social engagement and that’s what made them so popular with us. This is a multiplayer game where backstabbing and cooperation is essential. The outcome of the game is dramatic and you are guaranteed to quit the game. We have a game that makes money and is free to play. So don’t hesitate to try it for yourself.

MPL Bingo

Bingo is a game that has been making a lot of noise in the online world for a decade. MPL’s popular platform offers 75 balls of online bingo. The platform allows users to download games on their Android devices and enjoy them on the go. The game comes in two formats – 1V1 and 1VN. Initially, you’ll compete against a randomly selected contestant. Later, you’ll participate in a multiplayer tournament to compete for cash prizes. The gameplay is similar to traditional bingo. Virtual bingo coupons are required and must be dabbed as soon as they appear on the screen. If you can double them over time, you get bonus points. So go ahead and download bingo games for entertainment.

Call of Duty: Mobile

You can’t have a round of the best Android games without mentioning Call of Duty. If you are interested in shooting games, this is one of the best games to try. The game features a Combat Royale mode as well as classic cards. This is a competitive game where earnings are greedy and mainly cosmetic. Call of Duty: brings the essential features of popular shooting games from mobile consoles to mobile phones. If you want some action, download this game and shoot enemies.

Driving tickets

Ride Ticket is a great adaptation of a board game based on a train. The mobile application supports up to 5 players and allows you to play the game in passing. Gameplay for parties or family gatherings is straightforward. Sports can enable healthy competition.

However, everyone’s phone must have a game installed to play.

The Jenshen Impact

Genshin Impact is another action packed RPG game. The game received critical acclaim upon its release and was voted one of the best games of 2020. We can only hope that its crazy 2022 will continue to attract audiences. The complex mechanics and impressive visuals appeal to beginners and experienced gamers alike. The game is similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but players don’t mind the similarities.

In the game, players summon new characters through the gacha system. The gameplay mechanics, visual elements and open world make the game feel less restrictive, which is one of its biggest draws.

Genesis Impact can be played on mobile, but the game can also be played on PlayStation or PC. There are other gacha games out there, and they are worth checking out.

Dead Cells

Dead Sails is one of the most loved games of 2022. The controls are spot on and the touch controls are great for getting beginner players. It’s a game full of challenges and death is eternal. New weapons are unlocked as you progress through the game.

Dead cells support the frame rate and are stable. So you can expect a smooth gaming experience. When you hit the main campaign, you get more DLC. You can never play content while playing this game. Players can participate in the game for thirty hours or more.

Portals that build bridges

The Bridge Constructor Portal is highly appreciated by Android users.