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Awesome TOP 3 PLACES you will never ignore if you visit. Caribbean islands The Caribbean islands located in the tropical line, south of North America and Northwest of South America, in the Caribbean Sea basin. In a wide arc, they extend over a distance of over 4,000 kilometers from the Bahamas to the north of Venezuela to Guyana. By the borders of their islands, they separate the waters of the Caribbean Sea from the North Atlantic Ocean. In the Caribbean Sea, there are several more islets scattered along the coast of South America, you can also BOOK local car services in USA. The largest islands in the Caribbean are Cuba, Haiti with the Dominican Republic (the countries located on one large island), Jamaica and Puerto Rico, the rest of the islands are relatively small. The only exception will be the Bahamas, since they not located directly in the Caribbean Sea, but more related to the North Atlantic Ocean, but some of them are not much inferior in size. Top 3 places, The islands and coasts of the Caribbean Sea divided into three large groups, according to the prevailing maritime and geographical features. The first outer ring of the Caribbean Islands - mostly coral islands with white sand beaches, these are the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, the Cayman Islands, partially touching Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, east of Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Grenadines, partly covering Grenada and further to Tobago and Barbados. The second inner ring of the islands is predominantly volcanic, with more black sand, and includes the Greater Antilles, Saint Kitts, western Guadeloupe, Dominica, part of Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and parts of Grenada. The third group - coasts, is of alluvial origin, and covers the shores of South America at the mouths of the Orinoco and Amazon. Interestingly, Dominica, St. Vincent and most of St. Kitts do not have white sandy beaches, while the surface of these islands characterized by a layer of volcanic ash, which, by the way, made their soil more fertile. The Caribbean islands characterized by a different landscape, somewhere it is a limestone plateau: part of Cuba, Bahamas, Belize, Turks and Keikos, Barbados, parts of Guadeloupe, or mountainous countries: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. From Saba in Grenada, up to the Windward and Leeward Islands, there are a number of mountain volcanic islands, and there are also several active volcanoes in Montserrat, Saint Vincent, Martinique and Guadeloupe. The coastal regions of the Caribbean Sea characterized by: forming in many places in the region, coral reefs, small sand barriers, mangroves, estuaries, lagoons and high cliffs. Paseo del Prado - Havana's Main Street Before that, you and I walk along the ocean along the embankment, and today I propose to get acquainted with the most famous street in Havana - Paseo del Prado, which means boulevard or Prado alley. This street designed by the French architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier in 1772. It was she who destined to become the most important and famous street in Havana and throughout Latin America. Favorable tours to Cuba from Ukraine can be purchase at Low-cost Ukraine LLC . On the company's website, there is a good selection for the price and other parameters. You will definitely choose a tour to Cuba for yourself, based on your needs and capabilities. Prado Street stretches from the center of old Havana to Malecon, its length is about 1 km. In the 18th century. Cuba was a thriving Spanish colony and numerous guns use to defene it from pirates. In 1928. the city was no longer in danger from the ocean. And most of the cannons melt down, and statues of huge lions cast from metal. Eight bronze lions to this day guard the street and pedestrians. Back in 1902. an asphalt pavement was laid on the sides of this ancient street in Havana. Which made it possible to make car walks. On both sides were elegant mansions and social facilities: theaters, cinemas, hotels. The central part of the Prado Alley is clad in marble; even the benches are made of marble. Despite the fact that the Prado is not very large. It divided into four parts: the Promenade, Central Park, the Capitol Esplanade and the Plaza or Brotherhood Park. In the 50s of the 20th century. Many wealthy families began to move to further suburban areas of the city. And the ancient streets of Havana began to decline. After the Cuban Revolution, people with middle and low incomes mainly lived and walked on the Prado. The situation changed radically in the 90s of the 20th century. When the center of Havana declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hotels, bars and restaurants are opening here, thus reviving the famous street of Havana. Now on the boulevard artists exhibit their works and young actors give street performances. You will never see rush here, as indeed you will not find anywhere else in Cuba. People slowly enjoy life, perhaps the climate helps them. Cubans always say Mañana (tomorrow) to any request or demand. Indeed, why do today what can be postpone until tomorrow. On this life-affirming note, we will return from Havana to our native land. And plunge into the ocean of everyday life before our next travels to distant and near cities and towns. PHILADELPHIA  - Top 3 Places Philadelphia, USA one of tje top 3 places - "City of Brotherly Love", a major city in the United States of America. A major center of industry and culture, which located on the Atlantic coast, at a distance of one hundred. And twenty kilometers south of the city of New York. The population of Philadelphia is one million seven hundred thousand people. And if you add the suburbs, then about six million people. It is a multicultural city: Italians, Irish, Eastern Europeans, Asians and the city's large black population. The historic sites of Philadelphia have a special place. One of the most famous is the "Independence Hall", it was here that the declaration of independence signed. And the Liberty Bell located there, the unshakable symbol of the independent state. The Carpenters' Hall in one thousand seven hundred and seventy-fourth became the place where the 1st "Continental" Congress took place. Fairmount Park is the park where the oldest zoo in the country located. It founded in one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four. The city also developed in the field of culture and art. Philadelphia museums will pleasantly surprise you with their exhibits and you will undoubtedly satisfied. The Museum of the History and Cultural Development of the African American People, the Maritime Museum will give you a lot of impressions and pleasures. For music lovers, there will be a symphony orchestra, an opera. And much more that will please your ear and musical taste. Cobblestone streets, 2- and 3-storey red brick houses look like little doll houses. Oak doors and polished copper tables surprise and enchant with their uniqueness. The sidewalks that pass the neat little houses lit by cast-iron street lamps. If you think about it all this looks somehow the old fashioned way. But top 3 places so cozy and touching that you must admit that antiquity in the right quantities is sometimes need. It's not possible to tell everything in words, take a vacation, family, quit all your business and go on a trip around the city of Philadelphia. Travel and don't be afraid of new discoveries. The world is huge and diverse, get to know it. And you will discover top 3 places a lot of interesting and informative things for yourself.  

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